Deep Cleaning Service

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At certain times and on special occasions, you may want to sanitize and freshen your home. Deep cleaning is more involved than regular housekeeping services. If you want to disinfect your home, then hiring professionals may be your answer. 
Professional staff will be able to deep cleanse your bathroom from top to bottom.  Not only will they wipe down and disinfect the vanity, shower, and other surfaces, they will disinfect taps, tiles, grouting, shower doors, and floors. Mold and mildew will be removed. Fans and exhaust fans will also be thoroughly cleansed. Disinfecting and sanitizing of your bathroom may include:

Cleansing of shower head
Cleaning the exhaust fan
Wiping down and sanitizing the toilet
Wiping down and sanitizing the shower
Scrubbing the floors
Cleansing of the shower glass
Cleaning shower door frame
Cleansing of the shower curtain and liner
Wiping down cabinets and surfaces
Sanitizing the trash can
Washing the windows
Disinfecting countertops
Cleaning light fixtures
Cleansing of mirrors
​Disinfecting light switches

Professionals will wipe down and disinfect all surfaces in your kitchen. They will also clean under the sink areas, inside your oven, and cabinets. Deep cleaning your kitchen will also include cleaning the exhaust fans, chimney, and chimney filters. Deep cleansing of your kitchen may include:

Cleaning the oven inside and outside
Cleaning the stove top burners
Disinfecting the door knobs and light fixtures
Sanitizing and disinfecting appliances
Sanitizing and deodorizing the trash can
Cleaning the microwave inside and out
Wiping down and disinfecting surfaces
Mopping and scrubbing the floors
Wiping down the cabinets
Vacuuming refrigerator coils and the vent at the bottom of the refrigerator
Organizing the pantry
Disinfecting the sink

To deep clean the living areas, surfaces will be dusted and disinfected. Professionals will wipe down windows, doors, blinds, and vents. Professional cleaners will clear cobwebs on ceilings, walls, and corners. Floors will be cleaned appropriately and the carpet will be vacuumed and shampooed. Deep cleansing of your living areas may include: 

Disinfecting door knobs and light switches
Dusting lamps
Cleaning glass and mirrors
Dusting ceiling fans
Vacuuming under furniture
Vacuuming carpet
Washing windows and window sills
Dusting electronics
Dusting and polishing furniture
Washing the baseboards
Cleaning the patio doors and window frames
Tidying under furniture
Removing items and wiping down shelves

Deep cleaning your home may only need to be done every six months or so, or on special occasions, but most of us are too busy to take the time to do it.  Ease your mind by hiring professional cleaners to do the dirty work. Deep cleaning is much more involved than regular housecleaning. Deep cleaning services will remove the deep dirt and grime from your living area. Professional cleaners will disinfect and sanitize areas you probably have never even thought about. You can feel good knowing that your home has been deep cleaned and sanitized. 

If you are interested in hiring experts to deep clean your home, please call to discuss the services offered, or fill out the form for a quote! Delaware County house cleaning is ready to help you!